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Time of my life right here. Best dudes, funniest guys alive and non stop torture from kurt, tona and jai. 
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nothing like taking in a sunset after a session in some hot springs and cold creek. @monimons #monisbdaycampvibes
chris burden | metropolis II | lacma, los angeles | 2014
May, 2005 I was asked to goto Perth to shoot with the @Volcom_oz team for the upcoming full length video. Little did I know I’d travel the world with these guys living the best life a young 20 year old could possibly dream of. I had the best times with some of the best humans to have graced this earth. We’ve lost Shane and Lewis but they’ll never be forgotten n we carry their spirits with us everyday. 
Fast forward 9 years and tonight we premiere another full length film. This is also my last project working with them. 
I’ll never have enough thanks to all the people that gave me this opportunity to work with my best friends, the best team and staff. THANK YOU VOLCOM FAMILY I’ve had the time of my life!
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It’s premiere time πŸ»πŸΉπŸΈπŸΊπŸ·πŸ•πŸ—πŸ€πŸΈ
@volcom new film “True To This” is world premiering at Volcom HQ Costa Mesa this Saturday night. We’re celebrating 20 years of Americas first boarding company. Yes like the classic Volcom vids you grew up watching. It’s a epic visual ride into shred town on any board. We’ve saved all the best shredding from up to 4 years back for this project. Your gonna see some of the gnarliest, stylish, techie, funny clips you won’t forget from everyone on the team.  
Come down and celebrate with your bros, sisters, wife’s, husbands and kids it’s free for all!! 
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every year while everyone celebrates valentines day we celebrate the birth of one of the best humans beings to ever grace this earth. his one of the most honest, true, caring and down to earth people I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t be here today without his help. He was there when we made killself and we’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world skating and having fun along the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a brother from a different mother. Love you dude! 
nothing but #NAAAAASSTTYY times with @downsouthinhell 
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